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I beg you to listen to the voice of the customer
Updated time: 2014-10-17

Business is experiencing an even intense competition age, many companies are encountering the crisis of survival capacity. However, I can not advocate the reason is that the customers are too picky, nor the fault for e-commerce development which cut the transaction cost, nor the downturn of the economic situation worldwide. Per my observation, I have to emphasize this is the trap set by the manufacturers themselves, who drive the operators to work in the workshop overtime only for mass production output, and this sacrifice is that the production is identical, the products are not really tailor made to  customers’ size, the necessary service is scarce, and also there often arises the disputes for intellectual property issue. 
We are not only making business transaction here, we are committed to improve customers' satisfaction continuously, hence earn customer respect and brand loyalty, though it is easy to say than to do. Dear team, let's work closely with our customers, professionally, precisely and pleasantly. Customer is our God, and I beg you to listen to the voice of the customer.
Kevin Wang
Managing Director
Foshan Shunde Green Motor Technology Co., Ltd.

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