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Gratitude - Pakistan customers Rana
Updated time: 2015-12-30

At the beginning of the year, I participated in the Pazhou exhibition in Guangzhou, I met Rana through this opportunity. Rana need to buy some woodworking machinery this time, heis very interested in our frame sawing machine was show on the exhibition, but we can nottest machine on spot, in order to meet customer demand with maxim, we propose to allowcustomers to  visit our factory in PanYu to test this machine. Rana agree with my suggestion, and left a business card. we to go to the hotel in April to pick them upfrom his hotal to our factory to see frame saw.

We picked the customer to our factory in  Panyu April 6, Rana checked the edge banding machine and the frame sawing machine operations at the scene, he tell me he feel good ofour edge banding machine , and make up his mind decide to buy the edge banding machineA660.  the client tell me  that edge banding machine is really good on the way of  his hotel, although originally he had been watching the other manufacturers of edge banding machine, the customer also raised his opinion on the improvement of this machine, I  passed the customer feedback to the technical department. it has also been improved by the ministry of technology. Then we signed the contract. Customers said that because hisfactory In Karachi is being built, it will take some time to order this machine, there will be other opportunities for future orders.

Before October, I have been keeping in touch with Rana, Rana is a very clever and good man, we talk about Chinese culture, Pakistan's food, as well as the deep friendship between the two countries.

Later he gave me his freight forwarder in china contact number and pay 30% deposit, fromthe deposit to  production, and then to shipping. it takes very short time.I feel the process is very rapid, thanks to rana for  giving the trust to our machine. We will certainly use the best  technology and more comprehensive service to repay the old and new customers.

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