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Updated time: 2016-11-15

Over the past 10 years, we have seen an huge 60% increase in solar panels installed on roofs in Australia, Makes sense to generate your own renewable energy if you can, become self sustaining and reduce/remove your power bill.

In Queensland, Power companies have had to introduce a higher service levy to make up for the drop in energy sold due to many properties using their own energy.

As solar panels , energy storage and efficiencies improve.

Their will sufficient to energy to power your vehicles over night, imagine the prospect of parking at home overnight and never going to the service station to pay for fuel(average fuel cost for a family household $ )

Advances in technology, Reduction in price for batteries and components will make ownership a EV car not only cool but cost effective.

The future is now, if you want to get started in EV ownership, visit our marketplace to get started today.

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